The American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year nomination window is from November 1st to March 1st, annually. Nomination packets must be received by the Department (state) of New Jersey no later than March 1st. Then the Selection Committee will determine the Eagle Scout judged to be the best in New Jersey. The Department (state) will then send that packet, along with a list of the members serving on that Selection Committee, to The American Legion National Headquarters no later than April 1st.

The American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year will receive a $10,000 scholarship. Three (3) runner-up scholarship awards will be granted in the amount of $2,500 each.

The scholarship recipients will be eligible to receive their scholarship upon enrollment to an accredited trade school, college, or university within the United States. Disbursement of the scholarship funds through an online request will be made available jointly to the student and the school. Scholarship winners must utilize the total award within four (4) years of their post high school graduation date, excluding active military duty or religious mission.

Additionally, the American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year will travel to join the Youth Champion Delegation of The American Legion that is honored each August at the annual National Convention of The American Legion.

Applicants having questions or seeking additional information about their application, or the application process should contact the Department (state) of New Jersey.

During the annual nomination window the application form is available at the following link.

Download and Print the Nomination Form